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Definitely various. L. Ron Hubbard was a self-proclaimed patriot and was versus lots of the practices of espionage, infiltration and head Handle that he realized was being waged by the previous Soviet Union along with the USA - he was Primarily vocal about SOP's from the National Protection Administration - interestingly enough his followers seemingly utilze many of the identical methods because the USSR or NSA - is achievable that selected info can corrupt and/or deviate the head just from exposure to it?

The Church of Scientology has lengthy been a controversial institution amongst the two the religious Group and entertainment company. But the most recent documentary from Oscar-profitable director Alex Gibney, "Going Clear: Scientology and also the Prison of Perception," explores the secrets from the organization by means of interviews with former high-position officials and former users in a way hardly ever noticed ahead of.

Assume about it, a con guy (or female) seeks The boldness of their mark. The mark must have faith in them more than enough to show above their money. Ordinarily the con guy have to devise elaborate strategies to gain The boldness, but within the RCS all one needs to do is pony up and you have immediate credibility.

Mike, thanks for this newest version of real truth inclusive of equally fact as well as your educated eval. All I could imagine though reading This is often exactly how much money has gone into MEST when rather it could have been invested in theta. With all this money, how Lots of individuals could have absent Clear, what number of auditors could have been experienced, the quantity of workers could have been subsidized to to aid the developing of Scientology’s two sole products.

All of these. Almost everything I observed inside the movie and have study is double discuss, spaced out unbelievable hog clean. They in no way really say what they believe, just what they can and do punish you for. forty cents an hour for Doing the job? Occur on men and women, wake the hell up!

is determined by your definition of crazy--it is a money making buisness-folks quit all their funds (apart from the elete they will pay identified charges-for many actors to the hundreds of thousands-to seek a mind 'clear' leaving their soul bare--It is just a deceptive, cult that rejects the salvation of Jesus =repent of sin and become born again" John chaprter 3 -however promises to just accept all religions- Jew4Messiah · 1 10 years back 0

According to the 2013 book of precisely scientology beliefs and rules the same identify by Lawrence Wright, "Likely Clear" not only exposes details about Scientology and also serves being an in-depth explainer for all those unfamiliar with the team. The Church has spoken out towards the film (study their entire assertion in this article) as have its celebrity members.

I also don't forget when the every month 5% price raises began. I used to be just coming into my very own for a Performing adult, and was ultimately ready to pay for my Bridge. The price will increase changed everything for me. From my vantage issue, it absolutely was like jogging to catch a train as it absolutely was pulling far from the station.

L Ron Hubbard was a drug abuser, that is ironic thinking about the organisation may be very anti-drugs and even operates an organisation called Narconon that can help individuals get off drugs. This in the Narconon Web site: Narconon can be a non-revenue drug rehab plan focused on reducing drug abuse and drug habit via drug prevention, training and rehabilitation.

In line with Wright inside the film, when there have been rumors of Travolta desirous to depart Scientology, the Church designed a "black PR package" that has "the many harmful substance" from his personal auditing periods.

The costs towards the Church of Scientology ended up dropped after the point beliefs behind scientology out’s medical examiner adjusted the cause of death from “undetermined” to an scientology beliefs aliens “accident” on June thirteen, 2000. [supply]

Andreas Grünschloß analyzes the Xenu text from the Oxford Handbook of latest Religious Movements, within the context of a discussion on UFO religions.[seventeen] He characterizes the textual content as "Scientology's solution mythology (contained specifically in the OT III teachings)".[17] Grünschloß points out that L. Ron Hubbard, "also wrote a science fiction story known as Revolt in The celebs, the place he displays this or else arcane Tale about The traditional ruler Xenu in the shape of a normal science fiction novel".[17] Grünschloß posits, "due to the connections involving various motifs in Hubbard's novels and precise Scientology teachings, a single may possibly understand Scientology as one of the exceptional cases exactly where science fiction (or fantasy literature generally) is relevant to the successful formation of a brand new spiritual motion.

That s certainly something you would be Mind-washed into believing was typical. I really feel sorry for that people who find themselves trapped in this nightmare means of life. With any luck , the HBO Particular bought by means of to a few of the people who are frightened for getting out. Great luck to individuals that make he correct determination. Sharon · two decades in the past 2

The worth started rising when LRH now not ran the church. At the same time, figures of Scientologists began to say no. Precise expense of being during the church is at an all time significant and orgs are lifeless.

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